Thank you Letter: Southeast Airport Expansion & Upgrading Summit

Jan 14th -15th, 2015. DoubleTree by Hilton Jakarta Hotel, Indonesia

Dear Southeast Asia Airport Expansion & Upgrading Summit Participants
I would like to express my gratitude for your participation in Escom’s “Southeast Asia Airport Expansion & Upgrading Summit”. It was a great pleasure meeting you and all attendees at this conference, and seeing the vibrant interactions that took place onsite. We were honored to host parties flying in from around the world to discuss the current situation in the region and how we can work together to create a beneficial future to boost the competitiveness of the region’s aviation infrastructure. The Airport Expansion & Upgrading Summit also served as the highest industry platform for government authorities and airport professionals to meet, network, share knowledge and strategies to meet the demand for green, smart & passenger-friendly airport facilities.

During the two days conferences many international and local experts shared numerous presentations and their visions with the delegates. The discussion panel has provided most valuable insight and opinions to answer questions regarding the way to invest, develop, partner with and manage the regional aviation facilities. I would like to thank our keynote speakers and panelists: starting with our event chairman, Tony Middleton, the Managing Director Asia Pacific of Periploi Aviation, for his contribution to this event as chairperson and as speakers. I also want to extend my gratitude to following keynote speakers for sharing their knowledge.

The summit cannot be a success without the support of our event partners. On behalf of Escomn, we’d like to thank you for your contribution to the event program and VIP delegate acquisition. Last but not least I want to thank our sponsors for their contributions to the event.
Kindly regards
Michael Zhao Conference Producer
Escom Events

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