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Tourism&Hospitality Indonesia Conference( 2017 February 22-23th@Le Méridien Jakarta)

Although Indonesia is the largest country in the Southeast Asia region and it contains ample attractions for tourists, it lags behind in terms of attracting foreign tourists, welcoming less than half the foreign tourists than its regional peers Malaysia and Thailand. There is still plenty room for growth in the country's tourism industry.

Indonesia‟s creative economy provides a unique selling point for the country as it seeks to carve out a position in Asia‟s highly competitive tourism market. On the country level, the Indonesian Government is expend efforts to further boost the country‟s image and tourism which is on the rise. With the improvement of infrastructure, transportation connectivity especially low cost airlines connecting the tier 2 tourism sites in the country and the expanding international air routes, the country is expected to welcome 20 million foreign tourists by 2019.

The hotel industry has enjoyed major expansion since 2011 with the growth of the number of hotels reaching between 9% and 14% every year, Investors regard Indonesia as one of the most attractive countries in terms of tourism. This statement is evidenced by investments in Indonesia's hotel construction sector. Looking forward, Eco-friendly hotels, green resorts development, sustainability in Tourism are on the top of the project owners‟ agenda.

Tourism & & Hospitality Indonesia Conference is taking place on Feb 22-23, 2017. It will be an astounding Conference serving the tourism leisure industry, Hospitality industry professional which will cover the topics of New Tourism Destinations, Hotel & Resort Investment, Design, Project Development & Lifecycle Asset Management, Hotel Management, Technology Deployment, Tourism Marketing & Distribution and a lot more.

Tourism & Hospitality Indonesia Conference is part of Escom‟s Asia Hospitality Series Events and the 2017 event will be the 3rd Annual edition in Jakarta.

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